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The perfect place to socialize, talk business, celebrate and indulge.

Raju Shrestha

Got a recommendation from one of my colleagues and didn’t get disappointed. Truly food is amazing and family get-together at weekend was a lovely experience. This place has been my go-to destination with my family at least once a month. I really want everyone to find this beautiful place and enjoy their family time.

Mr. Raju Shrestha

Amrit bhattarai

Both of us cannot thank Godhuli enough. The team was so easy and fun to work with to make what we needed in the event. We were mostly concerned about food and staff management for the wedding day but it all turned out really well. Once again, thank you for making this possible under our budget.

Mr. Amrit Bhattarai

Aniel Gurung

I searched most of the venues in Kathmandu to conduct the event that we worked for months and finally found this venue with great ambiance and affordable pricing. Godhuli’s management team coordinated with my event team without hitch and we were able to conduct the event smoothly. I and my team look forward to working with Godhuli in future events.

Mr. Aniel Gurung

Biplove marahatta

Most couples plan for their wedding months earlier. In our case, the wedding date was a sudden but beautiful surprise. Yet, we had less time to make preparation, it was nerve-racking thinking our dream day might get messed up with the time we had. The first concern was the venue when we approached Godhuli in such a short time in hand they cooperated and made my day special. One of the only good things to come out of this hustle has to be one of the nicest wedding venues in Kathmandu!

Mr. Biplove Marahatta